Did Your College Kid Come Home With A Broken Windshield? 3 Things To Teach Them About Auto Glass Care

Posted on: 23 October 2017

There is nothing more exciting than when your kid comes home for a visit from college, and you always use this time to give their car a quick check. While you knew that there would likely be a little maintenance required, you are surprised to discover how bad of shape their windshield is in. As you prepare to get their windshield fixed, make sure to cover these tips with your kid so that they know how to take better care of their car's glass.

Repair Small Chips Right Away

Between road trips and the weather, a few chips in the glass are to be expected. However, your kid can stop a minor chip from becoming a more serious problem by arranging for windshield repair as soon as possible. This is because vibrations that are created from driving combined with increased pressure that occurs with fluctuating temperatures can cause cracks to spread. Windshield glass can also shatter if the crack is bad enough. Teach your child to inspect their windshield every time they clean it to check for minor blemishes that need attention.

Know When a Full Replacement is Necessary

There are times when a chip crosses the line into a need for a full windshield replacement. This is most common if the chip is fairly large or has cracks emanating from the edges. Your kid may also need to replace their windshield if the chip or crack obscures their vision while driving. Fortunately, most replacements can be done at your house by choosing a company that offers mobile repairs. This prevents your kid from trying to drive a car with poor visibility or broken glass.

Prevent Future Windshield Damage

Once you get the windshield fixed, you want to show your kid how to avoid future problems. Although they cannot always help it if a sudden hailstorm hits while your kid's in school, they can take preventative action when they can by avoiding following large trucks too closely on the freeway that tend to spin gravel from the tires. You should also suggest that your teen choose covered parking whenever it is possible and the weather is expected to get bad.

Teaching your kid car care and maintenance is an ongoing process that gives you an opportunity to bond while making sure that they stay safe. This visit, help them learn how easy it is to get their windshield repaired so that they can enjoy a clear view as they drive back to college. Contact a shop, like Allstar Glass Corporation, for more help.