Hearing A Whistling From Your Windshield? Act Fast To Prevent Full Replacement

Posted on: 24 February 2018

Getting a new windshield is a great way to ensure that your car and your family is safe. Unfortunately, there is a small chance that minor installation problems cause windshield whistling. If this is the case, you might end up with severe cracks that require professional repairs.

Whistling Noises Are Caused By Improper Installation

When professionals install a new windshield in your car, they have to make sure it sets properly in the grooves. There is a small chance that the windshield might not be installed 100 percent correct on your vehicle. When this happens, it may end up being just slightly loose and wiggling in its holder while you drive down the road.

When this happens, there is a little bit of extra space around the glass that lets wind blow through the crack. That blowing wind will create a whistling noise that can be very high-pitched and annoying. Even worse, it can develop into a more serious concern.

Improper Installation Can Cause Other Serious Problems

While a whistling windshield may just seem like a minor annoyance, that whistling indicates the possibility of serious wiggling inside of the frame. Now, imagine what would happen if you struck a rock or an uneven spot on the road. That extra give on the windshield could cause damage to the sides of the glass that could quickly spread through its surface.

In some instances, it may cause only small cracks that can be easily fixed. However, even minor cracks in windshields have a nasty way of spreading outward and becoming a major problem. As a result, it is essential to make sure you take steps to ensure that this doesn't happen to you.

Catching It Early Minimizes The Cost

If you notice a whistling noise coming from your windshield, getting it fixed as soon as possible can save you money. Most companies will give you a refund on the installation or at least set it up again so that it is properly in place. Waiting for too long can cause small cracks to form in the windshield that can cost as much as $100 to fix.

Even worse, you may end up getting serious cracks that can cost as much as $300 to fully fix. It might even require replacing the whole windshield. While it is possible that you can get these repairs done for free if your repair warranty is still in place, your warranty might be void if you didn't get them done more quickly.

So if you notice a windshield whistling on any of your vehicles, don't hesitate to contact a professional, such as Aaron Auto Glass, and have them fix the issue for you as soon as possible. They can ensure that minor problems don't become major catastrophes.